My Love Story

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At seventy years old, she had learned how exactly she wanted to live her life, after living this long you reach a point where you realize to the truest extent that you actually have a choice on how you’re going to live. In every situation you come across there’s always going to be at least two sides to every story. And there’s no reason to fluff your feather’s over the little stuff, health and happiness is most important in everything you do. This however was less of a fluff and more, a convulse. These two’s love story started at Port Angeles High School, he was 18 and she was 17. After their first interaction the two knew that they needed to go on a date because from the first second their eyes met, they knew that there was a connection that must mean something. After a few dates, the two were about ready to begin picking out wedding dates. After many years and a variety of huge lifetime accomplishments including their 5 successful children, 10 grandchildren and a steadily increasing number of great-grandchildren. Through all these successes we get to the year 2010, The same year the tallest man-made structure officially opened and the longest annular solar eclipse of the 3rd millennium occurred. Over the course of this year, she had begun noticing how little he would remember, whether this be the contents on his grocery list or the date of their wedding anniversary. Usually being a very thoughtful, compassionate person. This carefree and forgetful act was very unnatural

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