My MBA Program

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Prior to completing my MBA program, a couple of my professors approached me and asked if I was considering on pursuing a doctorate degree. As a result, I explained my excitement to proceed, but the fear of failing and financing was holding me back. The professors were very supportive and encouraging and assured me I would be successful. In addition, the professors let me know they didn’t encourage everyone to continue, but believed in me and offered to write letters of recommendation. While obtaining my doctoral degree was something I thought about as a child, I didn’t think it was within my reach. I didn’t know anyone personally that accomplished this goal or even wanted to achieve a doctoral degree. Although I wasn’t planning on…show more content…
As a result, I will seek leverage the resources of the student center to develop these academic skills going forward. In addition, I have enjoyed learning the business canvas model elements and applying them to the scholarly articles. In the beginning the process was overwhelming, but I’ve learned to enjoy the readings and gain the necessary information through deconstruction and meal plan process. Furthermore, I continue to learn to effectively and efficiently synthesis my findings and relate them to the company information. However, it difficult not to go off topic when the information is truly interesting. In addition, researching and learning about the different companies has been very interesting and applying the different aspects of business is helping me understand the various business models and the decisions companies make in relation to areas of business like strategies, CSR, knowledge management, and value propositions. Another area of concentration is continue learning and developing the use and application of APA format. Often, I get caught up in the deconstruction, synthesizing, applying MEAL that I fall short on APA format for, example, citations. In addition, I get confused by some of the APA applications. Thus, I realize that focusing on APA is imperative moving forward. I will have to go back and utilize the resources available to me in this area.
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