My Major Of Interest Is Pre Nursing

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Running Head: EVOLUTION

Population Evolution

Amoi Black

FALL 2014 (201520)
BIOL 1400 EV1 Introductory Cell Biology
CRN= 20373
November 18, 2014

My major of interest is pre-nursing. I aspire to be an Obstetrician Gynecologist, upon completing undergraduate school. I am aware that over the long course of several hundred years humans have developed and evolved in various ways, I am interested in the role that evolution has played in living organisms. I chose my topic because I am interested in how evolution has been perceived by scientist and how it still remains as only a theory. The knowledge and understanding I will gain from reviewing this topic will be beneficial to my studies and future career choice. My paper will primarily focus on gaining the answer to the questions: How was the earth formed? Why does Evolution seem to be the most logical? How can you prove creation or evolution? Those few questions have mystified humans, especially biological scientist for eternities. There are two main theories that explain how the earth was created. These are the theories of evolution and creation. Evolution and creation are seen from two opposing viewpoints. The theory of creation has been separated into different groups. There are many various beliefs behind the creation theory but, individuals who are religious and believe in divine beings seem to accept the biblical creationist as one of most accepted forms of the creation theory. Biblical creationists
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