My Major Work Is A Short Story Consisting Of Four Parallel

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My major work is a short story consisting of four parallel plots to explore the concept of nationalism and xenophobia in Australia. It specifically looks at the impact of these concepts on refugees. My aim is to encourage my audience to formulate conscious political opinions and change hostile perceptions of refugees. My major work is set primarily in a detention center and contains accounts of 4 polarised characters highly involved in the refugee situation—a young Syrian refugee, an older Sri Lankan refugee, a photographer and a bureaucrat. The inclusion of multiple characters in a tandem-narrative structure reinforces their vastly different reactions to the effects of detention. For example, one refugee embraces hope in exchange for…show more content…
To date, I have written first drafts for all four perspectives, and am in the process of concreting the point of view that will be conveyed—first, second, or third and writing it respectively. Depicting the refugee accounts in first person forces the audience to look at the world from a different perspective. By doing so, the reader is able to take on the refugees’ perspective as his own and to understand the their struggle and outlook on life. In contrast, I want to create distance between the bureaucrat and audience, reflecting his hard-headedness, hence my deliberate choice of third person. Inspired by Italo Calvino’s If on a Winters Night a Traveler (1979), I have decided to use second person for the photographer’s accounts. Pictures and photographs tend to talk directly to an individual—which is exactly what second person does. For someone who lives life through a lens, to use second person, seems to me, the most natural and the only logical choice. Although I have researched the issue extensively and drawn inspiration from multiple sources, I find myself constantly learning new things. Since this topic controversial, the debate constantly grows and evolves. I am also in the process of improving the complication and climax. I initially wrote each perspective separately (in block form) to allow myself a sense of direction and focus while writing, and to easily track changes. However,
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