My Management For Quality Class

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Introduction In my Management for Quality class, we learned about three quality philosophers. Deming, Juran, and Crosby, each came up with their own principles on Quality. Here are the different philosopher’s principles and my own principle of Quality: The relationship between the philosophies of Juran, Deming, and Crosby. Deming says that management must focus on setting and improving the systems in which the human resources work. He insisted that the importance of managers who worked with their employees get better feedback due to the fact that the employees will work harder to get their job done correctly. Juran roughly based his teachings on the Pareto principle. Juran suggested that around about 95% of the quality work related…show more content…
Continuous improvement strategies of Juran, Deming, and Crosby. Deming insisted that the employees needed more training in not only the statistical process but the work analysis methods as well. He believed that the employees didn’t need to utilize the scientific management approach. Juran believed that motivation was needed to be developed in the employees in order to resolve the results. Specifying major quality problems helped the managers to solve problems helping to give the company many major advantages and would help lead to dealing more effectively with their employees. . Crosby emphasized that management must watch how the quality and tracking of quality is important by only tracking the non-conformance cost continuously. He signified that the major point is the requirement of conformance. Teamwork strategies of Juran, Deming, and Crosby. Crosby, Deming, and Juran believe that it is management 's duty to establish an organized environment in which quality is guaranteed to be the main focus. Crosby, Deming, and Juran agree that education and training must continue at all levels to improve quality and develop employee skills and knowledge. Effective communication, cooperation, and teamwork throughout the organization are essential. Problem-solving techniques of Juran, Deming, and Crosby. Deming stresses that inspection at the end of the process is too late and too costly.
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