My Mbti Profile From Last Week

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After determining my MBTI profile from last week, then taking the Jungian test two times, and the 16 Personalities test once, I can confirm I have the INFJ personality.

How it applies in the biz.

In the scenario of being a worker under the command of a manager:

It is said that as an INFJ, I do not like to go by the rules, and would rather “be my own boss.” My type prefers a flat-hierarchy when relating to other team members, which means no one is above or below anyone else. As an INFJ, I am most likely to take actions based on my convictions, and if these come under fire, whether the opposition is justified or not, my morale is vulnerable to being seriously hurt. Due to the idealistic nature of INFJs we are prone to becoming bitter if we feel a conflict. (16Personalities, n.d.)

If I get to work with a manager that is open and personal, I will be a lot happier at my work, since I will feel more free to speak what’s on my mind, or offer suggestions / advice. My type is only able to work most effectively when our manager has the same values and principles that we have. When it comes to work reliability, INFJs are said to be industrious and trustworthy, while capably handling our various responsibilities and workplace relationships. (16Personalities, n.d.)

In the scenario of being a colleague at the workplace:

It has been noted that INFJs are likely to become popular amongst their peers, while being looked upon as supportive, persuasive, and dependable
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