My Memories Of My Brother

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One experience I’ll never forget is the time I almost lost my brother. It started on a Friday night, the last day of winter break. It was a typical evening, at least, that is what I thought. My brother was already in bed while the rest of us were all in the living room watching television. We heard a loud thud noise that vibrated the whole house. I looked up from the television and met eyes with my mother. We didn’t speak but locked eyes with each other awaiting something else to happen. A few minutes pass with no disturbing noise to be heard, so we shrug it off thinking that it was just the pipes in this old house. Not much longer did my brother open the door to his room and come out. He didn’t say anything but only held both hands over his head. My mother was the first one to notice blood dripping down from his head. She was shocked and screamed, “Oh my God!” By her shriek, I was alarmed and looked at my brother and noticed the blood. I couldn’t react at the beginning of realizing that there was a puddle of blood on the floor where my brother stood. Without realizing, I got up from the couch and quickly grabbed a towel along with my sister to help stop the blood. While I was trying to help my brother stop the blood, I heard my mother screaming and crying, "What happened?" It was my brother who had told her to calm down and that he needed to go to the hospital. I was surprised that he was calmly talking even though he was the one standing in a puddle of blood. While we

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