My Memories Of My Childhood

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I remember my childhood as if it were yesterday. Nothing was better than my closest friends. We Hanged out, fished, climbed the mango trees in the garden, Card games, board games, and even teased the innocent grocery store keeper. I didn 't want any new friends; I had no idea what the world had to offer. Life was a simple cliché routine. I invented a circle and trapped myself inside it. I made my own world and lived within it. I ultimately enjoyed every aspect of my childhood. Eventually, a lesson had taught me that I had a misguided perspective of what friendship means. There I was on flight to the capital city, Riyadh. I was alone. Thoughts conquered me. I was happy I was going to the Olympiad and making my family proud as my elder brothers did, yet I did leave my comfort zone. The circle I invented is no longer existed, no family no friends. I treated my new peers formally so that I end the distress and boredom I felt when converting with them. I wasn 't looking forward to make new friends. My old friends are my only friends. I thought that I would keep on and finish those four months and go back to my old friends. A couple days passed in the camp, I looked for old pictures in my phone to remember the joy I used to feel rather than suffer from homesickness. I found in my 3-year-old phone photos in which I was happy with my family. I was about to tear. As I kept searching for photos, all what I see now consist of all of my friends, except me. I cannot find myself in almost

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