My Memories Of My Childhood

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Looking back at my childhood, I suppose you could say it was pretty difficult. Even at my happiest, I was living with a foster family, separated from the rest of my biological relatives. However, I couldn’t complain. I loved them like they were my family that I spent my whole life with. I was a five-year-old boy living a happy life. I had grown attached to the family, feeling like I was truly a part of it. Then one cold November day it all changed. A woman dressed in black came to my home I had grown to love and told me it was time to go away. I horrified, not knowing where I could be taken. After waiting in a room full of toys for a few hours, she came back in and told me it was time to go. She put me in the back seat of a car and started driving. Driving to my mother’s house, to live with her and my two brothers. They didn’t even feel like family anymore. Time marched on, however. My sister was born, I was reintroduced to my family, and although I missed the Bernards, everything felt like it was going to be ok. Everything seemed to be, until I was fifteen. One September morning while sitting in my English class, I was called to the office. Upon arrival, I was informed that I was being de-enrolled by my mother. She told me that she was putting me on independent studies. I could handle that. However, I couldn’t handle the reason; my mother had been diagnosed with cancer. The weeks started turning into months. The next thing I knew, it was time to start junior year, and I

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