My Memories Of My Childhood

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Pirates! Who has not heard about them, their astonishing adventures and treasure chests packed with jewels, gold and other important objects? What would be our impression if we found a chest from centuries ago packed with several objects rather than gold? Would we consider them valuable? Probably not, but they could have been priceless and unique to the owner. People bestow special value of some objects according to an experience, emotion or hidden message associated with them. I have a chest with treasures and so far they are my childhood, my youth and my adulthood memories of good and challenging that are most charitable to me. My childhood was fun and unforgettable, as I had lots of neighbors to play with from morning till dark. We played games outdoors and rode our bicycles happily. The undeveloped wood behind our home provided endless opportunities for adventure. There were many other games to occupy our time as well. I was six years old when I first knew fear. It seems like yesterday that I could still recall my surroundings when it happened. As I was laying on my back in the family room, tossing a rubber ball up to the roof and trying to eavesdrop on my sisters’ conversation about their boyfriends. Shortly, the home phone rang and it was my mother. I assumed she was calling to let us know the latest news about my little brother’s heart condition. She informed us that our little brother has passed away a few minutes ago. I started crying in disbelief and screaming

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