My Memories Of My Childhood

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“I want to go back In those childhood days, not to change anything but to feel few things twice.”- M S Dhoni . The experiences of my past are undeniable. It goes without saying that my childhood was more than just a learning salient experience. Those are my greatest memories! This is an essay is not only on my childhood, but also about the lessons I have learned throughout my childhood, It was an unforgettable experience of fear, shame, pain, loss, freedom, forgiveness, happiness, kindness, emotions, achievements. These things make me today and helps me in stepping ahead each day of my life. In my childhood, I failed many times, their days with fun and joy and also some worst day of my life, and my sacrifices, but in all stages of my friends and family was always standing with me. They taught me what was right and what was wrong, Despite of thing about so city and what other people will think about them and that made me strong enough to stand on my own in this alien world. Let me drive back in some of those memories from which I learned I things. At the age of 7 or so, my mom and dad moved to the states. My mother, originally from India, brought us overseas due to my father who was in the United States Army. I remember that at one point and time we lived in Colorado Springs, Colorado. My sisters and I would play outside constantly more than likely because we tended to drive our parents crazy with our wild and rambunctious nature. I recall, we would run around in the yard,

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