My Memories Of My Grandfather

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Some might look at a pile of red and white dice as an irrelevant object, but to me they had a deeper meaning. To me they meant the best memories of my grandfather. They meant how he would take us fishing and while we waited for a bite he would tell me stories of playing professional football while I played with the dice. To me they meant the last memories of my grandpa. My grandma and grandpa lived only 2 hours away in a tiny town just outside of State College, the town was called Hollidaysburg. My grandpa had lived there his whole life. He played sports for the local High School. He was All-American in football, All-State in basketball, and All-American in baseball. My grandma told me stories about how she went to the rival high school, and how they would try there hardest to throw him off his game. She said to me “We would make signs to try to get in his head, but it seemed like nothing would work.”

I asked “Was he really that good?”

She responded “Well, every time he touched the ball in basketball we would double team him, and he still averaged about 30 points a game.” she continued “When we would play him in football he never came off the field, he was the kicker, the punter, a tight end, and a linebacker.”

I sat there in disbelief, I hadn’t realized how powerful he was when he was in highschool. I could hear him trudging down the hallway he opened the door and I saw my grandfather, a bulky, tower of a man. He took a seat next to me and asked “What were you…

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