My Memories Of My Life Essay

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As a child I was never allowed to be the worst. My father was my softball coach growing up. Constantly being reminded that failure was not the option was what always kept me going until my world got turned upside down. This quote by Mary Pickford is kind of what my whole life has been about, “This thing that we call “failure” is not the falling down, but the staying down.” Throughout my life I’ve had my fair share of failures and achievements but getting up and moving on is what got me where I am. I learned that having my dad in the picture throughout my childhood is great but it was up to me if I was going to keep going to push myself to get where I am today.
My dad did a lot of great things throughout my childhood, but when I turned nine he decided to take a job in Manhattan, Kansas. My world changed, I had a new perspective on things, I didn’t HAVE to play softball anymore. Therefore, I lost my heart for the game and quit softball for 3 years. When I finally I got back into softball it was my eighth grade year and I felt like I had lost every tiny sliver of talent I had worked so hard to achieve. This really took a toll on my commitment and love for the game. I was no longer the best and I no longer had someone who would be there to ride me. I knew it was finally on me to do what I needed to get where I wanted to go. I was very intimidated by everything ahead of me but for my next 2 years I worked my butt off to get where I needed to be to play high school softball.
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