My Memories Of My Life

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As a child growing up, some of my earliest memories were my mother taking us to church every Sunday. It was a traditional type of Church that didn 't believe in the gifts of the Spirit, let alone God speaking through dreams. Even though the gifts or ministry of the Spirit was not discussed in Church, even as a child, I had a knowing that God speaks through dreams. As a youth, I turned away from the things of God until I was 24 years of age. After continuously running, I finally surrendered to God 's pursuit of me, and finally gave my life to Him. Only a year after my surrender, one of the most incredible things happened to me. I met, fell in love with, and married the most beautiful woman in the world! Shortly after Maricia and I were…show more content…
I was driving alone on this particular morning still pondering the dream. What little I understood at the time, being a fairly new Christian, about spiritual warfare I was doing my best and trying to do. I was praying God 's protection for Maricia, the kids and for me.
In those days, I was working for a local utility company as an apprentice lineman splicer. A lineman splicer is a person who climbs wood poles in the back yard and works on transformers, electrical services, electrical equipment, and high voltage. I was a year into my apprenticeship and being trained how to work on high voltage, which according to electrical standards for our company is anything over 600 volts.
The date was September 7th, 1989 and we were working on, what we call a re-conductor job. With added businesses and homes in this area, the conductor, or wires, currently at this location was not large enough to handle the extra load. Our job was to upgrade the electrical system and make it capable of handling the increased electrical load associated with the growth in the community.
The energized conductor of 7,620 volts, we previously moved out and are now located on extension arms called hot arms. Hot arms are mounted on both sides of the cross arm located near the top of the pole. Moving the energized conductor away from the center of the pole gives room to pull in the new larger conductor over the cross-arm. Our job for the day was to climb

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