My Memories Of My Life

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As human beings in a world growing so fast, factors of a person are bound to change. At this point of my life, I can say that I am my genuine self. My grandmother’s presence and death, torment in middle school and acceptance into the Regional Arts Program affected me to a great extent, not many people knew. I was a very sensitive and reclusive child, however, have learned to become a more outspoken and stronger person. As a child, I felt the need to restrain from being myself. I describe it as feeling like being trapped in a cage, being able to reach out but not fully letting myself to show who I am. I instantly became a follower, allowing my insecurities to mute what I actually felt and enjoyed. I constantly weaved in and out of situations, which lead to some of the darkest times of my life. My insecurities and fears were the bars of my cage that never let me break free. The significantly strong relationship my grandmother and I had, set standards so high for other ones that I sent myself in a downward spiral. I can easily say that my grandmother is the strongest person I have ever known. I was able to be myself around her. My grandma’s house was my second home. Every Friday evening, I would go to her house for a sleepover. It wasn’t the standard visit to grandma’s house; it was the bond and welcoming warmth nobody else offered to me. At seven years old, my first intention was to take of her, even though it was meant for the other way around. The one thing I took away

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