My Memories Of My Life Essay

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My grandpa showed me that life is too short and to always be there for family no matter what happens. Death is really hard to get over for a lot of people. Most people look shocked and don’t have anything to talk about afterward. When I was six years old I lost a special person in my life. The feeling of losing a loved one is very hard to get through. The day I found out that my grandpa had died it was one of the saddest moments in my life. It hurt me because I miss him so much since he passed away. He was my best friend and the most important person who was always there for me. I could tell him anything and everything. I think about my grandfather all the time. I think about the time we had together and the fun times watching NASCAR racing on TV. I know he was sick but I thought he would get better and get to see me grow up. When I came home from school my mother told me that my grandpa had died in the hospital. I was so sad and did not want to know then. I wish I could have been at that hospital to tell him I loved him so much and to not leave me. Thinking about all the fun we had together like playing the guitar and just singing songs was the best. I know he is looking over me and saying look at my granddaughter trying very hard in college. When thinking about this I just wish he was still here to see me now. When my mother told me my grandpa died I said that it wasn’t true and that he’s not gone away. Seeing him smiling when he died I know that he was in a better

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