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Now, lemme tell you about this one thing I experienced...three years ago. Still haunts my memory. I used to work as a mortician. A person whom works to dissect bodies to either prepare the bodies for an autopsy, or for a burial. Of course, I was only a helper, passing tools. To of which begins my story. Mark Greene was his name. A simple young man of 23 years of age. Nothing too suspicious came up from my interview for the job. He gave reasonable questions. Such as the simple ones, "How weak is your stomach?" And also the usual of, "How much experience do you have with the job?" After awhile, I was welcomed with open arms. Which was great, the pay was fairly nice. Though...I have never seen any remorse for the bodies whom were brought in. There as always a straight expression, maybe it was the fact that he was always around these. Maybe he should take a thoughts were interrupted with our next work. "I knew her. Such a stubborn person she was." A frown cracked at Marks lips. Finding this concerning, I had set my hand on the others shoulder in a comforting way. Throughout the days, as examining the autopsies, I have noticed one thing similar in all of the seven murders that had been committed thus far. Such tremendously small details that would never stick out to the human eye. All of these victims had a mark behind their ears. Coincidence or not, I think the murderer was leaving his mark. As a sign to who he was. The murders were also carried out so

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