My Memories - Original Writing

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Every day starts the same… seemingly insignificant. You wake up and you follow a certain routine, preparing for the day ahead. Just like any other day I woke up or should I say was woken up by my dad, for I was only seven years old. Looking back at this point in my life it all is very unclear and fuzzy, still young and naïve, all the days morph into one. This day however, was unlike any other day. This day is burned into my memory. My dad, like every single other morning, walked into me and my sister’s bedroom and pulled off the covers from our bed because nothing wakes you up faster than sudden rush of cool air on a November morning. My sister and I trudged to the kitchen where our dinosaur egg hot cereal was awaiting our arrival. Something about that moment, sitting there in my house, a very typical morning stays clear and bold in my mind. It seemed so normal, but at the same time so distant. A moment so typical, but how long does normal remain normal? Breakfast was followed by getting changed for school and then the trip to school. The school day sped by, no different than any other, but the knowledge of a playdate with my best friend after school took up the majority of my thoughts. The bell rang and we lined up, ready to head home. We walked down the hill to my mother, ready to pick us up and bring us back to my house. The excitement could not be contained and the car was filled with innocent and unaware giggles, for the worst thing that could ever happen would be the…

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