My Memories - Original Writing Essay

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I couldn 't believe what had just happened. I kept running, breathing out of control. My feet were sore and my lungs were aching. Tree branches were scraping my arms as I ran past them. Urging myself to keep on going. It was too late to look back now. I was running for my freedom and nothing was going to stop me. Not the sharp twigs stabbing at my feet as I ran or the misty fog blocking my clear path ahead. Nothing. It was really going to happen. All I needed to do was make it through the trees and onto a road. I couldn 't give up no matter what. I was certain there was a road through here. There had to be. We came in on a road. Or I am so freaked out I 'm imaging things? Oh my, where could it be? Stay calm. Breathe. Just keep running. There was no time to panic. My breaths were erratic and all over the place. I could feel my anxiety taking over. I was soaking wet with sweat and filthy from the trees. The weakness was wanting to make my body shut down but I wasn 't ready to give up yet. Resting could wait. I need to find help soon or even a phone. Just as I was about to take off running bright lights shown from the right side of me. Yes! A car. The road must be that way. Thank goodness. I took off running like a crazy person. My feet were hitting the ground so hard you could hear the noise a mile away. My legs along with every organ inside of me felt like they were on fire. Just a little further and I 'll be to safety. I could

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