My Memories of My Lost Friend

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But before I turned fourteen years old I lost her. Almost every memory we shared is as fresh as the day it happened. It was 6:50 Friday morning. I remember getting onto the bus that morning and feeling very odd, thinking to myself, “did I wear this top already?” So I thought back and just brushed off the strange feeling because I realized I didn’t, well hope I didn’t. I got to school and went straight to my locker to get my books like I normally do and then went to my homeroom. I sat down in my seat and talked to my friend until class started. Right before the bell ranged I asked if she had seen Haven. I told her how we normally get breakfast together from the cafeteria every morning. She said no she didn’t she her, but she hopes that she is okay. I agreed, I figured that Haven was just running late. Three minutes after class started there was a knock on the door and another teacher had told my homeroom teacher to come into the hallway. After the look my teacher, Mrs. Maywell gave when she came back into the classroom and called the nurse I knew something was wrong. She called me to the back on the room. Mrs. Maywell told me that Haven had collapsed in the hallway and that she was about to be taking to the nurse’s office and then her parents would be called. I rushed through all of my classmates, who were trying to look through the window in the door, to get to Haven. Mrs. Maywell also told me that Haven…

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