My Memory Of Golf Research Paper

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The greatest memories I possess concerning family and friends center largely around the huge trees and rolling green hills of Springbrook Country Club. Looking back on my childhood, I most vividly remember the countless afternoons of spending time with my great aunt and uncle, learning the ways of golf and, unbeknownst to me at the time, allowing it to grow into a major part of my life. Some of these flashbacks occur while I drive up the long lane, through a tunnel of trees that manage to block out even the brightest sunlight, or during a round when I pause to appreciate the oak trees that greatly exceed my own age. I sit and remember the earliest lessons given to me by Gordy, my great uncle, learning more about life than golf technique. I reminisce on the special feeling aroused deep inside of me that only existed because of Gordy’s unique ability to make everyone, myself included, gain a sense of importance, if only…show more content…
Even during times of high stress, a mere three hours of time amongst the sounds of birds and insects manages to return a sense of tranquility to my life. However, a more somber mood persists in recent times. Unfortunately, with the passing of Gordy two years ago, a gloomy presence moved into the atmosphere around Springbrook. Before teeing up the ball on the first hole, I look across the road to the seemingly dark house that once housed so much joy. This feeling, combined with financial turmoil and an uncertain future, created an idea of depression among the golfers of Springbrook. Nevertheless, my deep connection to Springbrook Country Club proves impermeable to this new wave of difficulties, as the strength of positive memories overcomes
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