My Memory Of My Interest

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My earliest memory of my interest in health was in the 3rd grade when I was on the track team. After my first practice, I first learned about heart rate and pulse. I was beyond intrigued and amazed by the correlation of heart rate and pulse. Later that year, my interest in health was subconsciously encouraged through relatives. One relative graduated from nursing school and the other from the fire academy. My tenacious interest in health continued to root itself. I found myself carrying conversations with my relatives, working in health, about Louis Pasteur and pasteurization. I then realized how fortunate I was to have strong and positive influences to cultivate my health knowledge.
I consider myself to be one of the more truly fortunate Hispanics by coming from a family of such perseverance. According to sociology, children of parents who grew up in poverty typically would not have the opportunity for career advancement. I knew I would have to continue the perseverance, and had to come up with a plan for myself. When I got to high school, The Boy Scouts of America gave me the opportunity to become a fire explorer. The duration of the five-year firefighting internship allowed the opportunity to explore an enticing health career. I gained much knowledge and experience that rooted me in health care. Through the same knowledge and experience I was steered into a different route. After many health-fairs, measuring blood pressure and pulse, I realized my calling was in a
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