My Mental Health Clinical Placement

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My mental health clinical placement was in a hospital setting and a community setting for people over 65 years with mental illness. Peoples basic needs are identified and addressed through their assessment process, which is an indicator in the SRI 2. Under the supervision of my mentor I asked the service user and his carer about their housing, nutrition, health, finance, safety, personal care and spirituality needs. During this assessment I also asked how the he copes with a basic need that is not being met, how long the unmet need has been happening, what his coping strategies were and identify any strengths. The views of his carer was also documented and I informed her of the right to carer’s assessment forms. Previous psychiatric and medical history was documented and along with past psychiatric history, then I asked what this entailed and how he recovered, what helped or didn’t help. Current physical health was then explored, asking him how he copes with his physical problems, whilst identifying any strengths. Current physical problems may include; mobility, continence, weight, food allergies, pulse and blood pressure, existing medical conditions. When health problems were identified, my mentor and I explored how he copes with challenges concerning this. During the mental health assessment I discussed and observed appearance, behaviour, speech, delusions and hallucinations, mood and affect, sleep patterns, appetite, concentration levels like loss of
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