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I am currently in Kumon Level J math, and I am studying math 2 years above my grade level. I have recently completed Bronze Star, Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross, Standard FIRST AID with CPR B&C in lifeguarding. It was one of the proudest moments of my life when I received my official license. In extracurricular leadership, I started a hip-hop dance club at my school. I am currently instructing 75 students. Last year, we performed at our Spring Concert where we received many wonderful comments. I went out of my way to ensure every participant was ready within the tight time-frame. I have also won first place in many dance competitions. I am in grade 3 piano currently, and I passed my grade 2 exam with First Class Honors. I am in Intermediate…show more content…
I have the lead role in the musical this year, I play the clarinet at school for band, and I am in choir. I am in the Social Justice Team for my school and we organize fundraisers for different campaigns (e.g. We Scare Hunger, We Are Silent, We Are Rafikis) part of Free The Children. Last year and the year before I participated in We are Silent, so we stayed silent for those childrens who don’t have a voice. I also volunteer at the temple. I raised funds for the Credit Valley Hospital by giving out free Lemonade at my temple, and those who wanted to donate had the opportunity to. I raised more than $500 in 2 hours.I was also part of the stage crew, I helped set up the lights, stage, microphones, the gym and other tech pieces (e.g. projector screen). I love to read, so I joined Library Helpers, and I stayed one period in the library once a cycle, I helped students get around, I sorted the books, and I read new books. Ever since I was small I never liked Bullying, it really angered me and I always wanted to take action against it. In grade 6, when I heard about the Bullying Prevention Committee, I had to join. We made posters to create awareness of Bullying. I am currently in Knitting & Crocheting Club, where I learn how to knit and
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