My Midterm Paper : Gloria And Alejandro Sanchez

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Introduction In my midterm paper, I will be discussing Gloria and Alejandro Sanchez, they are brother and sister. Gloria, age 24, lives with her husband Leo. Gloria has been with Leo for as long as anyone can remember, everyone considers him part of the family. Unfortunately, Leo has been hitting Gloria for some time now. Due to her Catholic faith, Gloria is afraid to leave Leo. She believes that leaving Leo would make her family upset because it would not be with the teachings of the church. Gloria feels responsible for the abuse and feels it’s her fault for making Leo angry or upset. Finally, she is afraid to call the police because Leo is an undocumented immigrant, and she is worried that if she calls the police on him he will get…show more content…
This approach views client problems within the environment context in which they occur and it is a cornerstone of social work practice. It also looks at the way client’s problems can occur at the individual or environmental level or in the relationship between the two. When looking at the person in environment lens, I prefer to use a micro-mezzo-macro approach. In this approach, looking at the individual as the micro level, the family as the mezzo level, and society or the community the individual lives in as the macro level. Many times, change at one level leads to change in another. I continue to focus on the individual and the environment, but I look at strength such as the comprehensive approach to problems, useful assessment of client problems, dynamic interactions between person and environment, and obvious causes of problems at the individual and environmental levels that are more evident when using this holistic approach. Unfortunately, when there are strengths they are also limitations like, the approach may be too broad to predict behavior, difficult to define and test constructs empirically, the absence of a consistent set of concepts that can be applied to client situations. As Rogers stated, both development and environment are always changing. People are born with both negative and positive tendencies, and they are

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