My Mind Entered A State Of Grief

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As I laid there, staring into the blinding white light illuminated by the shattered windows, tranquil winds began whispering into my frail ears. With all my strength, I thrust myself up from the comfort of my bed and carefully shifted my legs towards the dilapidated door. I slowly gaze through the millions of derelict hospital beds, however, life is nowhere to be found... Sentiments of abandonment raced through my conscience as every muscle in my body began contracting. My mind entered a state of anguish as my body began taking control. I pounced myself towards the slippery, icy slabs of marble with great alacrity as I lunged towards the wooden door. Without hesitation, I grasp the asperities of the wooden handle and shove the door open. However, I only unlocked the gates to hell... Syringes congested with concoctions of blood scattered lifelessly on the rugged floors as vines began forming a twisted maze on the walls, engulfing the room with their life-absorbing tentacles. A pungent, dank odour crept into my sinuses as the abhorrent chemicals trickled down my desiccated taste buds, inducing a nauseating pain in my stomach. Anxiety consumed me as I dashed through the eerie hallway, seeking the serene sunlight emitted from the door. After what seemed like an eternity, I finally escaped the diabolical, dilapidated abyss. However, what I perceive is inconceivable…

As I stood there, bewildered, a blast of deafening silence crashed into my eardrums. Not a single vibration

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