My Mind, Project And Enterprise Management, The Art Of Evaluation And Control

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Personal Statement

In my mind, Project and Enterprise Management is the art of evaluation and control. When I was a kid, I have been curious about the methods of self-management and ask myself: how one plan could be completed efficiently, how some people could coordinate various things in life successfully and the way we evaluate and get the perception of the state of one object or a person. My passion for discovering the science of project management, especially on construction grew from a visit of one beautiful bridge named Jiujiang Bridge not far away from my home when I was very young. Amazed at the convenience and value the bridge bringing to our daily life, I wonder how such great and huge project could be completed methodically and how the manager of the project arranged the construction process. My father is a project manager and there are many books on management science in the study, which brings great convenience to my reading habits. I respect scholars like Herbert A. Simon and would like to become this kind of people making contributions to the society so that I determine to study Project and Enterprise Management systematically. Choosing Mathematics with Finance at undergraduate level, I want to develop the ability to calculate and evaluate the value and process of projects as a base. From this part of study, I am aware of the significance of control in project management and could not wait to master the science of control so that I choose Project and

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