My Miserable Math Moments.

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My Miserable Math Moments It was the 7th grade when math started getting really hard for me, none of it made sense anymore and I was ready to quit. My life up to this point I had grown up and been home schooled right along with my six brothers and sisters. I had always loved the freedom of my parents being able to choose what curriculums and subjects we did. Also I had always excelled at most subjects, but math and never seemed to be a problem for me, until now. I desperately wanted to enjoy my math like I did with all my other subjects. However for the life of me I couldn’t understand anything I was supposed to be learning, the fractions, the decimals, or the word problems. They were all like a foreign language to me. Beginning school was such an exciting time for me, I had seen all my older siblings doing it for years and I always wanted to be just like them. Starting off for the first few years’ things went really well, I had fun and enjoyed learning along with my family. Then middle school came around. At first things were going smoothly but then slowly I started to understand less and less in math. I finally got a point where none of it made sense anymore. I had my parents, siblings, and friends all trying to help me by explaining and showing me any tricks or tips they had but nothing worked for me. I broke down into tears often because I couldn’t make sense of anything. I couldn’t get through a day of math without needing help. My parents wanted to help but
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