My Mission At Woodley Road Pre School

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School Mission Our mission here at Woodley Road pre-school is to provide a high quality structured educational program to children and families around the ages three to five years old. We are here to insoire and support all families educational and early childhood care and needs. Our focus is to offer a educational program that will promote each child developmental needs. School Vision We are lead by a supportive and caring administrator and staff. We offer students an opportunity to learn and develop in a creative environment. Our vision is to help support learning to each individual child we come in contact with. The Creative Curriculum for Preschool: Five Components form a frame work that is applied in each of the classroom interest…show more content…
Children ability to form positive relationships with adults is important to their social development and academic success. Relationships not only provide a content for learning but they also affects the physical structure of the brain. Nurturing and positive interaction release chemicals that helps promote brain development. The quality of those relationships predicts children social- emotional competence, enthusiasm for learning and academic success. High quality social interactions helps benefit all children regardless of family or economic background, and they are associated with the positive development of literacy and other academic skills. Warm supportive relationships encourage children’s motivation engagement, self direction cooperation and positive attitudes toward school. Social- Emotional Competence “During the first six years, children are challenged by the conflicts of trust vs. mistrust”(). Newer research has established compelling links between social- emotional development, behavior and school success. Emotional understanding is critical to positive social relationships and peer acceptance. Children who can interpret emotional signals accurately are more likely to become angry and aggressive. The more adults acknowledge childrens emotional reactions and explain emotionals signals, the better children become at interpreting them. Strategies to help guide social-emotional competence includes: • Provide play materials that support
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