My Mistress 's Eyes Are Nothing Like The Sun, When Love Arrives

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Bao Tran
Professor Arroyo
November 17, 2015
Essay 2
Although the topic of romance has long been the outlet for poems and songs, the pursuit of love is written into human nature; humans are naturally attracted to the theme of romance because they pursue it throughout their entire lives. Poets and writers often use creativity to express their ideas in a unique way that makes it stand out over the other. Poetry and song involve an abundance of creativity and wordplay to produce an image of the author’s idea and emotion to the reader’s mind. Although literary works repeat these themes, poets and songwriters manage to make their own piece of work unique through the use of creativity, but how are “My Mistress’s Eyes are Nothing
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But when it comes down to lines 9-10 “I love to hear her speak, yet I know/ That music hath a far more pleasing sound.” This is an example of irony, he says that she does not have a pleasant voice, but he adores it. This shows that William Shakespeare insisted his love for her even though she is lack of beauty by expressing it differently in a unique way through the structure of the sonnet.
In the essay “Similarities between Poetry and Song Lyrics,” Pat Pattison mentions: “Because a poem stands on its own ground, making its own rhythm and music, setting a great poetry to music is about as futile and pointless as writing a lyric to a Beethoven piano concerto” (line 128). “When Love Arrives” is a beautiful piece that was performed brilliantly by spoken words. This poem shows the reality of love, love is not a fantasy, and not a dream come true like princes and princesses in Disney movies. Sarah and Phil concluded:
Love arrives exactly when love is supposed to
And love leaves exactly when love must
When love arrives say,
“Welcome. Make yourself comfortable”
If love leaves, ask her to leave the door open behind her
Turn off the music, listen to the quiet. (102-107)
This last quote filled me up with emotions. It is so simple yet beautiful and meaningful. This means that the toughest thing to be in love is when love leaves, you do not know if love stays or you will be left with an open door
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