My Mom Always Commanded By Don 't Take Your Emotions Out On Food

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My mom always commanded, “Don’t take your emotions out on food.” In her essay “Young Hunger,” M.F.K. Fisher uses three anecdotes to prove her argument about the hunger young people have for love and attention. On the other hand J.J. Goode through “Single-handed Cooking” writes about the difficulties that a disability such as having no arms could introduce even with small chores such as cooking. Food represents struggles in the lives of both M.F.K. Fisher and JJ Goode. Fisher and Goode are both lacking something that they are trying to fill with food although the result they obtain is different.
M.F.K. Fisher writes about the detachment she feels from her god parents in the first anecdote that she introduces. Fisher laments “It was simply that they were old and sedentary and quite out of the habit of eating amply with younger people; a good thing for them, but pure hell for me” (284). Fisher eliminates herself from her god parents as she groups them with the old generation and counts herself as a young person which she defines as a reason for their attitude towards food. Fisher cannot stand that her god parents are easily wasting food and she is angry that they have forgotten about hunger while she is starving.
While Fisher displayed emotional struggle with food, Goode’s disability forces him to struggle with food physically. Although Goode enjoys food, he finds himself testing all his abilities as a one handed person when he prepares a meal. JJ Goode begins the discomfort he…

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