My Mom Maria Castaneda Cervantes

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My mom Maria Castaneda Cervantes was born on July 24, 1970 in a small town called Maquili, Michoacan. She was born into a big family of 5 which later on grew into a family of 9. She was Maria Cruz and Audel Cervantes’s (my grandparents) first daughter which made her the favorite little girl of the house in her first two years of life. But later on her younger sister Araceli was born and three years later Anna was born. After Anna was born everything changed. Due to my grandma’s asthma she wasn’t able to take care of the babies as much anymore and would get hospitalized for weeks. My grandpa was also working all night being a mariachi player for parties. So the only choice was to hire a nanny to help out around the house. This nanny turned out to be a really mean lady. She would make my mom which at the time was 5 years old clean and cook. My mom will never forget the time when they were making tortillas for the family and the nanny asked my mom if the pan was hot, my mom being a five year old didn’t know how to figure it out, so she told the nanny she wasn’t sure. The nanny then was having a bad day I guess so she found it easy to just grab my mom’s hand and placed it on top of the burning hot pan. My mom now has a scar on the palm of her hand, and will never forget this horrible experience.
Six years later my mom’s second to youngest brother Juan was born. Unfortunately my grandma was getting more ill due to her asthma and she had to stay in bed. After this pregnancy she…

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