My Moment In My Life

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MY Moment
It is believed that there is a moment in time in everyone’s life when they come to some sort of conclusion of humanity and how the world truly works, whether it’s at a football game, or in school, or at home, everyone has that moment in their life and every moment is important to each individual person. My personal moment transpired over the course of the summer of 2015, two years ago. That summer I had decided that I was actually going to do something important, something that truly meant something to my life, I decided I was going to take part in the Glen Este High School Marching Band. I was only an 8th grader and suffice to say, I was not very good at my Saxophone. I had only been playing it for two years after switching from Alto to Tenor and even though I loved it I was terrible at it. Mr. Morgan was always there to make me feel confident about my ability but deep down I knew I had to get better and when the words came from his mouth, “If you are someone that really wants to get better at their instrument you should really try it” I knew that I had to try it out at the very least. So I signed up and weeks later we got our music for our very first show, Phantom. Of course as most people will remember our opener and most popular song was Phantom Of The Opera and it was difficult. Immediately after seeing the music I was nervous and wasn’t sure how to play most of it, right after hearing that we would have to even have the music memorized I went into full panic
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