My Moms Bad News

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Until about two years ago I never really thought about how precious each and every day of life was. People always say live each day to the fullest because you never know when there won’t be a next day. My mother said this to me about a million times over the first fifteen years of my life but, I never really put this piece of wisdom into action. I can remember it as if it happened yesterday, the day that began a change in my mom’s life as well as mine. It was cold and fogy outside and I had an orthodontist appointment. I can remember having a bad time at school that day and then thinking, “What a way to top off a terrible day by going to the orthodontist so he can give me a headache for the rest of the night.” My mom drove me to my…show more content…
That was the day that I finally realized that I needed to actually live out the saying, “Live each day to the fullest,” because I really don’t know when my time will come. Seeing my mom go through this struggle for the past two years has taught me that I need to be able to take whatever life throws at me and deal with it. In doing so, I learn how to take each and every day one step at a time. Some days are a struggle for her but, with love, care, and companionship the relationship between my mom and I continue to grow deeper and deeper. It is through this situation that my mom has taught me to be strong, fearless, and hopeful so that I can live each day to the fullest and not take anything for

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