My Mom's Diagnosis

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Scholarship Essay Prompt #4

My mom’s diagnosis has made me value the importance of family. Before my mom’s diagnosis my family was not very close. I was only close with my mom and my twin sister, Sarah. My mom’s cancer brought my family together and that’s something I wouldn’t trade for the world. Not only do I value my family more, but I also value the memories I have with my mom. Moments such as singing “Uptown Girl” with her in the car may not seem valuable to any other mother-daughter duo, but to me they mean everything.
My mom’s death may have brought chaos, but I truly believe that the silver lining of this situation was that my family grew closer together. My parents were divorced, so my dad was not a big part of my life. My dad slowly
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I keep these memories close to my heart because it’s one of the few things left I have to remember my mother by. I remember being in the car with her and singing at the top of our lungs Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl”. I remember her dropping us off at school every morning and kissing her goodbye every day before leaving the car. She would always pick at my brother and sister for not giving kisses goodbye anymore, but she cut them some slack because it was a part of growing up. I also value the times I wasn’t near my phone and my mom had to leave me a voicemail. It took me about three months to realize I still kept them. When you lose someone one of the biggest things you miss is hearing their voice and I’m blessed to be able to turn to the voicemails. Getting to hear her say “I love you” lessens the reoccurring pain I feel daily now that she is gone.
I can’t imagine life without having the close relationship that I have with my family. My family is far from normal but I wouldn’t want it any other way. We all lost someone who meant the world to us but we keep our heads up and take life one day at a time. We focus on all of the good memories we have of our mom and keep her close to our hearts with everything that we
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