My Monstrosity

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The monstrosity that I have faced numerous times. Am I who I spend my time with? What I do? Where I go? This question of our self-identity has proved to be one of the most challenging aspects of life. All the identities I create for myself are dependent on other factors and I am always changing. Shedding old habitual pieces that restrain me, and incorporating new pieces of the complex structure labeled myself. Nonetheless, one truth remains clear. I am ambitious. No matter what the goal or dream, I am determined to hunt it down. If one door closes in life, you break it down or build a new one. Life is full of challenges and potentially unrealistic goals, but that is part of what, I believe, makes it meaningful. Turning ambitions into accomplishments is something I constantly strive to do. What composes my identity is my ambition, love and ability to learn, and craving for success. Reading has consistently been an activity I have loved. Its ability to whisk me away from my world and into a new one enchanted me. Even as a child, I would hole up in my room, swallowed by thick bedding and surrounded by a pile of books. When directions or notes are right in front of me, I absorb information easier. One of my weaknesses is listening, making Friday Focus especially hard for me to sit through. Another one of my profound weaknesses is group work. Assignments with other people typically result in me snatching up the paper and furiously scribbling down the answers, or becoming
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