My Moral Compass

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A compass is a navigational device that points the operator in a preferred direction, whereas a moral compass refers to the moral direction of the individual. A moral compass is something everybody has and lives by. It helps assist in formulating decisions, and is based on morals and virtues. Good managers need a strong moral compass to have the ability to influence others to follow suit, and do the right thing. My personal moral compass is directed by foundational influences, sources, beliefs, and an analysis of the moral philosophies I follow. Just like the cardinal compass, an individual’s or organization’s moral compass must be consistent. Factors such as moral intensity, education, nationality, age, and control help construct an individual’s ability to recognize and manage ethical issues. In this essay, I will describe the formative influences and sources that have generated my sense of ethics, my beliefs regarding what constitutes business’ social responsibility, an analysis of which moral philosophies I follow, and my stage of Kohlberg’s cognitive moral development.

Ethics are principles that govern a person or group’s behavior. When dealing with a situation where there is no definite right or wrong answer, there are always “extremes” to either side of the case, which in many instances creates a continuum of infinite options and possibilities. When trying to resolve an ethical issue, I always try to find a “middle-ground,” that takes every detail into account. I

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