My Moral Obligation

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Nicole Swires
Mrs. Matayabas
ENG 101 2:05
18 February 2010
My Moral Obligation to the Poor Have you ever stopped to think about all the general essentials you have access to and all the material possessions you have been blessed with? Often times I see people around me who seem unhappy with what they do have. There is nothing wrong with wanting or buying more than what we need; luxuries are nice. The problem comes in when we only think about ourselves and not about other people. Some people can hardly meet the basic needs such as food, water, clothing, and a place to live; but yet how often do we stop to acknowledge this problem going on in the world around us? I believe I have a moral obligation to the poor because I have been blessed
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Seeing this setting made my heart sink knowing that this is where people are living. Mulroy in 1995 and Wilson in 1996 stated, “Over the past 50 years, people with low incomes have been increasingly concentrated and isolated in central cities characterized by deteriorated, unsafe housing. These neighborhoods lack access to basic resources such as transportation, employment, health care, public safety, or education that adequately prepare people for employment” (quoted in Ewalt). I did know living conditions just across the border from us in the United States weren’t the best but I didn’t ever think that the living conditions would be as bad as they are. When we reached the top of the hill in the dump we saw this tiny church where we would put everything we were going to give the people living in the dump. The church was a one room building with simple concrete flooring and walls along with a small stage. To us this building wasn’t really much, it was plain and small, but to the people in the dump the building was significant. We unpacked the food, clothes, and toys and set up the items in stations where the people could easily come in and find what they needed. We then began to pass out the items to the people who came into the tiny church. The people rushed around trying to find the best and the warmest clothing for themselves and their children. Seeing the people there and their need for clothing made me truly appreciate what I have. The thing that struck me
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