My Most Embarrassing Story Of My Story

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This is a story of some of my most embarrassing stories and things that scare me the most. If you read this it can tell you how bad and crazy my life-ism do you dare to read on. My name comes from German and Jewish and it is Huron. And my name comes from when my dad had a guy he liked that raced and his name was Eli so he named me Elisha because it is religious. I would pick my little brother because I want him to accomplish things in life that they never think you would do. . . For example, like sports players, fashion artist, company CEO of Facebook. I’m just trying to say is whatever you wanna be in life go for the gold. And Julian if you see this I want you to know to stay in school do better on grades and make a brighter pay way for your career. Pick smarts over popularity because 95% of the people you see in school you'll never see after school. And I regret picking the wrong choice since day and want you to be the best you can be because I thought fame was the way better than smarts but I was wrong. But someone told smarts are the only things that matter in your whole life. I fear of almost anything really because I worry way too much for example, like what happens if a roller coaster brake and I fall out. Also, I fear death because I want to live forever and do everything I can do in the world before death.I’m scared of heights and more. But I really feel like I need to get over with these so I don’t have to worry about things like happening tomorrow. And I feel
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