My Most Important Memories Of My Life

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Do you have those memories that you know you will never forget? The ones that make you feel joy and others that are full of sadness? I have 5 memories I want to share with you that I think are important in my life. Read on, to hear more about me and the 5 most important memories in my life.

When I adopted my cat Shadow

Have you ever had a pet cat? I have and I still have him. He is probably sleeping away on my bed right now. When I brought him back from the barn, he meowed and meowed as he kept brushing his fur all over my clothes. My family and I named him Shadow because of his big golden eyes that glimmered as he stared up at me.He always stares up in my eyes, I can’t help but smile when he does. I pet his black silky, fluffy fur as his tail swayed back and forth. When I stopped petting him, he always reached his little paws out and looked like he was trying to grab my hand. Shadow’s claws gently sank into my skin as I pet him again. I wanted to squeeze him and hug him until I couldn’t hug him anymore, but I didn’t want to hurt him, so I just kept brushing my hand on his silky fur. Shadow slowly dozed off to sleep, and I knew from the start he would be the best cat, and he is, and he always will be.

My friend and I’s last sleepover before she moved away.

Have you ever had a friend that you have met since preschool? A friend that you know you will always stay in contact with, even if you are very far away? I do, and I didn’t know that she would
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