My Most Memorable Moment

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Fencing is , in technical terms , the sport of fighting with rapiers (swords) in order to score points against an opponent, to me, it’s simply the art of sword fighting. My most memorable moment happened to me, during my junior year in high school ( when I was still fencing in my free time ). I and some of my fencing class entered a tournament called The Golden Gate International which took place in the gym of a State University. I still remember when my dad and I finally got to the gym, I was ecstatic, from the outside the gym looked more like a convention center. The tournament took place on the indoor basketball court ( which got divided into several sections for multiple matches ) was massive, almost twice the size of my high school gym. There were rows of seats on both side of the gym, and even stairs and a elevator that led to a balcony like, second floor where you could get a bird’s eye view of the whole gym.
I had six matches that day, and surprising the match where I lost is the not the most memorable. My most memorable match took place around 3 hours into the tournament, mainly because of the experience with the referee. The first thing I noticed was that the referee looked like he was completely pulled from the crowd, almost like someone’s father. Still, he seems rather confident and has the tough look of an ex-military guy, so I'm appropriately intimidated. The First touch was a parry-riposte or a stalemate with two hits on both sides leaving the round up to

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