My Most Memorable Moment In My Life

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The definition of fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. One of my most memorable moments of my life was the first time I went to Disney Land I was terrified but because of this trip I found out how to face my fears.
The loud sounds of flying planes over me reminded me one of the scariest things I've seen on tv crashing in a plane. I didn’t want to even go near the plane but I had to my parents paid thousands for me to go on this trip so I stepped forward on the flimsy bridge that connects the loud airport to the metal coffin plane. I knew I was a wimp but I had enough respect to do what my parents wanted me to do. "Flight to Las Angeles now departing." Were those the last words I would hear besides me screaming to my death? The plane took off it wasn’t bad at all maybe I wouldn't die but time will tell. After an hour on the plane I realized I was going to be ok. Two hours had passed and I really enjoyed this then over the loud speaker, "Now landing in Las Angeles please tighten seat belts as we land." The pilot stated. The landing, the death of me? But when we touched the ground it wasn’t bad felt a mild bump that was all more fun than scary. On the way off the plane I looked into the cockpit that might be me one day. That was the day I came over my fear of planes and actually made me want to be a pilot soaring over the skies seeing the tiny people this became my dream.
We checked into our hotel and stayed their for the night thinking about the experince I had on the plane, and thinking about the rides I would go on tomorrow. Most kids would be excited and thrilled but my ten-year-old self a coward self was scared. The next day we went on a bus to the front gates of Disney Land. I entered very anxious for if I would puke or as my mind seemed set on dyeing. They said this place was magical I made up this stupid thing where if I would step on certain tiles on the road I would be fine. I stepped up to Splash Mountain still only stepping on the red tiles of the road. I climbed the walk way to the top of the "mountain" and stepped into the log flume ride. I thought I might drown in the foot of water fall off the ride and
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