My Most Memorable Pet : My Pet

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Everything started for me on one day -- October 21st, 2003. I was waiting until the worst time for everyone. My dad worked overtime that day, and the doctor had his day off. By the time my mom arrived at the hospital, shifts were about to change, so it seemed like I waited for the worst moments. Finally, at 8:29 in the morning, I arrived into this world. My grandpa is the person who has had the biggest influence on me, since he was always hard working. Working was what was fun for him, even if it was just digging holes on his tractor. He would also always be there for us. Even living two hours away wouldn’t stop him from seeing me on my birthday. This always meant the world to me because we almost never had a chance to see him. Also, he would always have a smile on his face and was always funny. When I was in his car he would say he’d eject me because his car had the button. I always laughed and hoped I wouldn’t fly through the roof. Even in the nursing home, in the worst days of our lives, he always brightened the room with a smile and a few jokes. He may be gone now, but what he’s done will live on forever. Everything wasn’t always bad . . . . My most memorable pet is my lamb Lucky. At the beginning, she wasn’t very lucky. She was born with many problems, the main was that she couldn’t walk and was almost at the point of freezing to death. All she could do was helplessly lay down under a small heat lamp and flop around. None of us thought she’d make it. Against all odds,

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