My Most Memorable Place

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“Unfamiliar places always help us look at life differently” but growing up as a little kid every new place is expected to be unique in its own ways. Although, only one memorable place can be the "one" that will impact a person's life forever. My number one memorable place was when I went to the home ballpark of the baseball team Chicago Cubs Wrigley Field in Chicago Illinois. I was 11 years old. Wrigley Field to me by far touch my life deeply the smell of great foods like hot dogs, and the joy of people faces as they smile is really what overwhelmingly brings happiness to a ball game. For me, what made visiting Wrigley Field for the first time so special, was going on a Sunday evening just a day before entering middle school and the amazing beauty/history of the stadium that Wrigley field had. I have been a Cubs fan since the age of 3. As long as I can remember my family always hosted Baseball parties just to watch the games. I went 9 years in my life wanting to go to a game when I was a kid, always begging my parents to take me to a Cubs game at Wrigley Field. I was an extremely young kid without no worries in the world. I did not understand my parents having to pay bills nor their busy schedules with work. Until one summer day in 2010 when my mom surprisedly told me to go lie down in my bed at 8 pm on a Saturday. I recently just completed elementary school at the time, so in my mind, I said: “why do I need to go to sleep this early?” But I listened to my mom and turned
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