My Most Memorable Teacher

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Who are the most memorable teachers? The dedicated teachers who provide a safe environment, inspire confidence, and make learning enjoyable. Sometimes the littlest thing may make the biggest impact. Three of my teachers made a lasting impression on me, but it was my daughter’s teacher who sparked my decision to enter the field of education. I believe that effective teachers influence who students become in adulthood. An effective teacher must be patient, compassionate, and caring. Mrs. Rock, my first-grade teacher had all those qualities. As a young girl growing up with a mother who didn’t speak English well, I would mispronounce words frequently. She would be very patient and took the time to work with me individually. She never made me feel uncomfortable or deficient. When classmates would tease, she would turn it into a teachable moment for everyone. We all learned about compassion that year. I remember that Halloween we had a parade and everyone wore costumes. However, I had forgotten my mask and was devastated, and on the verge of tears when she called me over to her desk. She comforted me with her warm smile. She had a solution. She painted my face with the makeup from her purse. Mrs. Rock took care I her students and was always prepared. Her classroom provided structure and stability for me. It was a safe environment that cultivated learning. I hope to provide my students with such an environment when I am a teacher. In addition, an effective teacher inspires students to preform to the best of their abilities, value themselves, and become productive citizens of their communities. Ms. Shelly, my second-grade teacher did all those things. She was Japanese American and wore it proudly. She was very confident and I aspired to be just like her. Instead of hiding her differences she presented them, and encouraged everyone to do the same. We were Ms. Shelly’s All-stars and we had a paper. Everyone had a job to do. There were writers, illustrators, and reporters. We all had to do our best and work together as a team. Our class was our community. We learned to be responsible for ourselves and our community. Ms. Shelly believed in me and that sparked a belief in myself. She
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