My Most Significant Educational Experience In High School

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A significant educational opportunity that I have had during my High School career is being offered employment at WSS. My experience working there made me face responsibility and showed me that I am good at following directions. Prior to working I didn't know if I was going to be able finish high school. My job experience, however, made me think differently. I saw people that were not as smart as me making more money. This influenced me to not only finish high school, but continue on to college ensuring a better life and job for myself.

5) My most significant challenge that I have faced during my high school years was math. I was able to overcome and gave it my all junior year. I was on track, bringing up my grades. Because it meant a lot for me to have that education to be able to graduate from high school and being able to be the first one in my family to go to college and succeed in life. Senior year is the time to shine and pass my classes junior year. I was doing alright until second semester came and I did my best to pass, at the end, I passed with four A’s and three B‘s. I pushed myself a lot to accomplish my goal in getting good grades and passing. My biggest challenge was taking summer school retaking math 2 semesters Furthermore, I took 4 packets of English and 3 packets of drawing and painting for credits so now I am back on track I'm only taking 5 classes senior year Guitar, Math 3, English 4, TA Teacher Aide and American Government. These classes have a
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