My Most Strengths

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In strengths quest there is about thirty four strengths.The top five I had were Consistency, Responsibility, Futuristic, Relator, and Harmony. These do describe me but, in very different ways. This gives you the revolutionary approach to achieving your goals. Some people may wonder how does taking a simple test describe my top strengths. Especially without testing them physically. I encourage many people to take the strengths quest test. This will show you your strengths and also help you with everyday struggles.
My first strength is Consistency, which means aware of the need to treat people the same. We can do this by setting up clear rules and adhering to them. The attitude of consistency is mostly positive and the behavior is very fair when I say that I mean on going not changing anything. The interest are to make sure no one is left out and everyone feels the same. We support in treating others the way you want to be treated. Skills for this strength is good for a daycare or just dealing with children and adults in a general setting. My previous life experience on this is I've always been this way. If I give someone a piece of candy I'll give the other the same and vise versa. Westbrook 2
The challenges you might have with this strength is interacting with those who are different, and
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This means inspired by the future and what it could be also others in their visions. Your attitude would be positive, your behavior would be good having people look out instead of in and not about the positive aspect of the future. Interests would be in how you could make the future better or what you could do in the future. We have support in future goals and whatever skills you have. In my previous life experience I always talk about the future I still do now. Id it's negative I try to make it positive. The challenges you could have in this is with school including exams, tests writing papers. Your not gone think positive about
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