My Mother And My Aunt

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There are two women in my life who are passionate. They help any way that they can. They are my mother and my aunt Jackie. When growing up, they tried to survive by themselves, not really paying mind to anyone else, until their loved ones needed a helping hand. My mother and aunt have done their equal share and I hope to do the same. My mother and my aunt Jackie have been known to take care of people when they truly need it. Family comes first to them and when my aunt Jackie and Uncle Eddie were in trouble, my family was right there to help them through hard times; My mother helped Jackie a couple of years ago. It was towards the end of 2012 when my aunt Jackie was diagnosed with breast cancer. At the time she was living in a bay with her husband and they had only one car. She would take her husband to work then go back to the bay. My mother thought my aunt shouldn’t be living there until she got better. We offered Jackie to come and stay with us, we made sure she felt at home and was comfortable. Despite insisting on coming to stay with us along with my aunt, my uncle politely declined the offer. And from there we took care of Jackie, making sure she got to her doctor appointments and numerous chemotherapy treatments until the middle of 2013, at that time she decided on moving into a new house with her husband, this was also around the same time overcame her illness and beat breast cancer. Now, Jackie has helped my aunt Edie when she had a brain tumor removed. This
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