My Mother And My Family

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I remember my mother and my aunties saying when I was growing up that our generation was too much premature in certain domain of life and that their times it was different. It goes without saying that I started paying attention to the environment and the people around me and noticed that the phenomenon of boyfriend and girlfriend is so vividly emphasize by the TV, in cartoon that every 12 years old girls were discussing about the last night they passed with their love one. Adding to that, the idea of Globalization that advocates a interdependent world, contribute to the share and the spread of behaviors that normally did not exist in some countries. Nowadays, having a boyfriend and a girlfriend is totally normal and for the one who are not…show more content…
Researchers predicted that if the experiment was successful the hypocrisy should but condoms at the end of the experiment. The participants participate in one the four conditions, mindful and committed (hypocrisy), commitment only, mindful only, and unmindful and uncommitted. Participants were then interviewed and had the opportunity to buy condoms at the end of the experiment. Subjects were between 18 and 25 years old, heterosexual active within the previous 3 months. Subjects have been randomly assigned to the condition before entering the lab. They were then introduced to one of the level of commitment. One group of participants then have been introduced to the mindful commitment triggering their past failure to use condoms and what refrain them to use them during their intercourse. The other group, went directly to the dependent commitment which allies self-report and behavioral measures of condom use. Participants, after the interviews have been given the opportunities to have condoms at a certain price and left to the room. The experimenter went out and then come back later. While, participants were leaving, the experimenter came back and gave them a last questionnaire to measure the frequency of subjects ' sexual activity during the previous year. This questionnaire was then use again during the follow-up

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