My Mother At A Young Age Essay

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I am the kind of person who works hard and never gives up when things get rough. I learn to build this mentality from my mother at a young age. Probably at around six, in the beginning it didn’t sink in. All I cared about was running wild and making a mess and not having a care for the world. Man I use to get in trouble and never work hard in anything and almost always gave up when things got rough. Examples of this was when I use to pretend to be a chef and would make a mess and almost started a fire at eight years old because I wanted to copy what I saw on TV. Another example is whenever I use to think I was going to lose in whatever video game I was playing I was throw my controller and then press the reset button and start all over. Later on as I got older like around thirteen I can say my mother’s words started to sink in. I can name many times in my life where things were really hard and difficult and thought I would never overcome what was in front of me and I did. For example grade school I use to get teased for everything. Things like how I talked, the fact that my mother use to cut my hair and I didn’t have a shape up and it got worse in middle school and went on into when I was in high school I would get mad fun of for things I couldn’t afford like expensive clothes and the kids would bother me and tease me every day. They wouldn’t stop there just because I didn’t have cloth they would find other things to bother me with. For example I am Haitian and for some…

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